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High Gain 3G/GSM Antenna

High Gain 3G/GSM Antenna

Antenna supplied with wall, mast and desk mount brackets.

Includes both 2 and 10 metre cables terminated with FME connectors

High Gain Directional 3G Panel Antenna (890-960 & 1710-2170) improves The Range Of 3G & GSM Networks.

  • Gain: 8dBi (890-960)
  • 9dBi (1710-1890)
  • 11dBi (1900-2170)

3G signal is often affected by structural factors resulting in low signal inside buildings. This multiband, ultra high gain panel antenna transmits your 3G signal in the direction of the nearest base station to ensure optimum signal strength. Designed for mounting on a wall or mast, the WM11 range is waterproof and UV stabilised so it can withstand any weather conditions

The WM11 range of antennas are designed to transmit in one direction. This makes point to point communication between machines easier to manage due to this feature. The signal of the antenna is sent in the direction that it is required. The multiband functionality enables the antenna to have a backup (fall back) frequency so that no data is lost.