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Independent Renewable Energy Systems suitable for Telemetry projects

Independent Renewable Energy Systems suitable for Telemetry projects

Solar, wind chargers and alternative energy product solutions, suitable for Telemetry projects in remote locations. Typical applications include, monitoring or data collection at isolated sites, for water boards, electricity supply boards and utility companies.By using a combination of Solar panels and Wind chargers, the best possible results are attained. Many alternative energy design include the popular Rutland 910-3 Wind charger. This popular model has a "furling" device, that tilts the turbine horizontally,at right angles to the prevailing winds, at speeds above 35mph. Depending on wind velocity, expected charging capabilities are between 36 and 84 ampere hours.This unit is normally installed with an HRDX controller, or HRS regulator, to prevent battery overcharge. The HRDX controller can be used for both wind and solar input with outputs for 2 seperate batteries. Recommended deep cyclic batteries, depending on application, are GEL or AGM (absorbed glass mat).

Technical Specifications

FM910-3 Wind Charger ( file size 704Kb.).

HRDi Charge Controller for Dual Battery Banks and 160watts of Solar Panels ( file size 57Kb.).

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Harnessing the power of the sun provides you with energy for all manner of applications.A photovoltaic panel consists of a number of silicon cells (usually 36) connected internally in series. When light reached these cells electrons drift which produce an electric current. The current varies with the size of individual cells and the light intensity.

Portable Solar Panels 10/20/50 watt.

Ideal for use on boats, caravans, military and off grid applications. IP65 Rated.

Used in conjunction with a wind charger it offers the best possible solution to generate power.

For a technical specification on how best to work out the amount and size of panels required, please download:

Solar Explained(file size 63.6kb/s).

Alternative energy support:

If you require assistance in designing your alternative energy hardware system, please contact John Andrew Electronic Services Ltd using the details shown below:


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